Understand the Catholic faith deeply and explain it clearly without being preachy.


Hi, my name is Bernz O. Caasi. As a former anti-Catholic Protestant, I know that many people find it difficult to understand and explain the Catholic faith with clarity and charity

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Do you always struggle in explaining any of these?

Do Catholics worship Mary and the Saints?
Why do you need to confess to a priest?
Aren’t Catholics idolatrous for having statues?
Where is that Catholic belief in the Bible?
How can I explain the faith clearly without being preachy?

As baptized Catholics, it is our God-given duty to always be ready to explain our faith in truth and charity (1 Peter 3:15).
Are you ready to learn more so you can explain it more effectively?

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What do people say?

Bernz O. Caasi is a young man who is passionate about his faith and his profession. He is a positive influencer, a great speaker, a good son, and inspiring teacher. Check out his blogs and his works. If you need a young motivational speaker for your team or school, Bernz is the man.
Sha Nacino
Author, Speaker, and founder of World Gratitude Summit
"A very good blog to follow for anyone who wants to learn more about their Catholic faith and grow further in their life in Christ. Bernz is passionate, engaging and well-read!"
Bernz has always been passionate and dedicated in what he does. His amazing work ethic is commendable. Very pleasant and easy to get alone with.
M.A. Buendia
youtube content creator
"Thanks for inspiring us with you talk. You answered many of the questions I have about the faith - things that I don't understand before. Now, I want to go deeper in my Catholic faith. Thank you for sharing your conversion story with us. God bless you!"
Caridad Libres

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