This could also be your story.

Explaining the Catholic faith can be challenging at times.

Many of us go through shaking dilemmas in terms of our faith. 

I want to share with you a bit about my story for this could be your story as well.

I was born and baptized as a Catholic, but I felt confused many years ago when my Evangelical (non-Catholic Christian/born-again Christian) friends started asking me these questions – and I couldn’t give a convincing answer:

  • Where is praying to Mary written in the Bible?
  • Why do you have statues of the saints?
  • How do Catholics know that they are saved?
Due to my lack of biblical and doctrinal formation, my faith was shaken. Inspired by the passion and scriptural knowledge of my Evangelical friends, I started thinking that Catholicism was wrong. Soon, I left the Church and the Faith of my childhood.

I became an anti-Catholic Protestant.

With my new-found faith and a deeper personal relationship with Christ came my zeal to “save others” from the clutches of the idolatrous Catholic Church which, as I was taught, invented doctrines, changed the Bible, and worship Mary and the saints.

I was taught that Catholics are not born again and that they’re on their way to Hell – I got worried about the salvation  of my family and friends. And that deepened my desire “to win souls and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). 

Being passionate about sharing the gospel, I became preachy even to my mom, and I told her to burn the statues of the saints. I asked her to destroy the rosary and remove any remnants of Catholicism from our house. It became a deep wound in our relationship because while she became an Evangelical as well, she remained Catholic at heart – and prayed that I return home.

But I was already far from the Catholic faith. I started serving in the ministry, going house-to-house to evangelize, leading bible studies, and preaching to the congregation. In fact, I felt a calling to become a pastor. 

The real Catholic faith surprised me.

Being in a secular university that gave emphasis on philosophy, history, and teaching the real doctrines of the Catholic faith helped me regain my respect for Catholics.

All my confusions about the Catholic faith were answered and I slowly realized how many people – including me – have misunderstood and misinterpreted the true teachings of the Church. Bishop Fulton Sheen was right that “there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”

In my studies of history and theology, I discovered inescapable facts that started crushing my anti-Catholic sentiments:

  • Praying with Mary and the saints and having statues are biblical.
  • The early Church was deeply Catholic – they had popes, Confession, and the Mass.
  • The Catholic Church was the one which compiled the Bible.
  • Jesus Christ established the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church and desires all of us to be part of this family (this is the most shocking of all).

It took me years to accept those truths for I was full of pride. I couldn’t accept that the Catholic Church has the fullness of truth. I couldn’t accept that I was wrong. 

That began my long journey back to Rome. And that journey could be yours, too.

You can understand your faith deeply and explain it clearly without being preachy.

I have realized that all Catholics are called by God to be defenders of the Faith. All of us are called to be Christ’s witnesses wherever we are, whatever we do. We are also called to become saints.

When God calls us to a mission, He always gives us provision. I believe that it is not an accident that you have visited my website. Clearly, God has led you to this place because you desire to know His teachings more so you can serve Him better. 

All you need to do now is to say YES to your God-given mission. I am here to be your guide.

I have written articles and created videos that can be your starting point in understanding our Faith better.

I have also launched my podcast (Unboxing Catholicism) to accompany you in discovering the truths, depth, and beauty of our Catholic faith and spirituality. You can always listen to it as if we are just chatting personally.

Finally, I am inviting you to join the Unboxing Catholicism Community, a group with more than 700 Catholics and non-Catholic Christians who are passionate about dialogue and evangelization. 

Now, are you ready to begin our journey together?
"A very good blog to follow for anyone who wants to learn more about their Catholic faith and grow further in their life in Christ. Bernz is passionate, engaging and well-read!"

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