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Episode 6: Two Palm Sunday reflections to think about during Holy Week and beyond

This episode invites us to reflect on two important points from today’s Palm Sunday Mass readings.

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Episode Show Notes

First, let’s discover the significance of the donkey, the palm, and the cloaks. Second, let us imagine being with Jesus in the Garden and see how Jesus and Mary felt the same Agony.

The entry of Jesus in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday was marked by so much theological significance. The use of the donkey, the shouting of Hosanna by the Jewish crowd, and the laying of cloaks along the roads to welcome our Lord were all echoing Old Testament events and prophecies. These parallelisms were explained in the podcast.

Jesus is King

Jesus was clearly communicating a message: He is the King.

Is He also our King? Do we allow Him to lord over our lives?

Do we strive to know Him and His teachings so we can love and serve Him better?

It is also interesting how he seemed to fear his impending passion when He prayed to the Father at the garden of Gethsemane. For sure, He felt the pain of His upcoming suffering. And yet, his human will was so united to His Divine will that he said thrice to the Father: “May Your will be done.”

The Agony of Jesus and Mary

Mary, even she wasn’t in the garden with Jesus, was in deep sorrow during that night. She, too, must have been worried about her son. She must have felt that Her sone was in agony just as a mother would always know what’s wrong with her son. Like Jesus, she must have also renewed her commitment to God that night – as she did so 33 years ago: “Be it done to me according to your word.”

The second half of the podcast episode explores this theme and what we can learn from it. Listen to the full episode and immerse yourself in reflection. This Holy Week has the power to transform us if we will only allow our Lord to stir our souls. Let’s keep praying for one another.

Resources Mentioned:

Jesus of Nazareth (Part Two) by Pope Benedict XVI

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By John Bernard Ordoñez Caasi

Bernz is a Catholic revert, educator, and speaker. As a former anti-Catholic Protestant, he helps ordinary Catholics understand their faith deeply so they can explain it clearly without being preachy.

He hosts his own podcast (Unboxing Catholicism) and YouTube vlog where he uncovers the truths and lies about Catholic teaching and spirituality. He also travels around the country giving talks on faith, leadership, and personal finance.

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