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Episode 5: Three Reasons Why You Should Launch a Podcast, Too.

In this 5th episode, know WHO and WHAT inspired me to launch my own podcast and WHY you can make an impact by creating your own show as well.

In this episode, I also recommended global and Filipino podcasts that can add value to your daily life. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it, and may you be excited to launch your own podcast NOW.

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04: Is Catholicism just a bunch of rules?

Is Catholicism a religion of rules? Why does the Church tell us what we should or shouldn’t do? What’s the purpose of following rules? What’s the point of the Catholic faith? These are the questions we will explore in this episode of Unboxing Catholicism. Wherever we go, there are rules.  Our families have rules. Our […]

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#RealTalk: How well do we know and study our Catholic Faith?

Let’s get real. Evangelization needs clear formation in our Catholic faith. Let’s understand our faith deeply so we can explain it clearly.


What can an apple teach us about the Trinity?

How can an apple teach us about the Trinity – the highest Christian mystery of the Faith.

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Why I Asked Mom to Burn the Statues of the Saints and the Three Things I Realized

“Aren’t you scared of what you are saying? Have you already lost your respect to God and your grandparents?”

My mom was in tremendous shock when I came home one day and told her to burn all our religious statues.